Opening this Spring, our new home on Meridian Park Blvd. has been designed with the patient in mind.

When designing this next-generation facility, the SAGE team worked to ensure patient comfort and safety were a part of every decision that we made. The hospital features expanded emergency, specialty, and urgent care services, as well as multiple advanced surgery suites and sophisticated trauma response and critical care capabilities, all designed to combine the highest levels of medical care, innovation, and well-being.

Fear Free® Colors and Building Materials


The front entrance to the building features a carefully thought-out design to try to lessen pet anxiety. We also use colors, outdoor waiting areas, and modern building materials recommended by the Fear Free Initiative. This innovative program was founded by a veterinarian to reduce the fear of veterinary visits. Fear Free has a broad scope that we applaud and integrate whenever possible. We hope to create a warm and welcoming experience, for people and their pets, each and every time.

Waiting Areas Built for Comfort

Meridian Waiting Area2

Special attention has been put into ensuring our waiting areas create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. We have built out separate indoor lobby and outdoor waiting areas to ensure patient comfort. Each outdoor waiting area is gated, partially covered, and features cement benches, cushions, and K-9 grass for your pets. Additionally, our four separate waiting rooms each offer isolated seating areas that allow for the separation of cats/dogs or distance for nervous pets.

Seperate Animal Housing

animal housing

In our efforts to keep all patients comfortable, we have built out separate dog and cat wards in our critical care units. The above custom-built Cat Condos boast resin sealed corners for easy cleaning, quiet hinge / locking systems for pet peace of mind, and the porthole allows for expanded sizing or separate litter storage.

Individual Areas for Outdoor Safety

individual areas

To ensure optimal safety and recovery, we have built hygenic, enclosed yards that keep patients separate. These outdoor areas feature K9 Grass, a top-of-the-line synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs. K9 Grass is safe, durable, cleanable, and antimicrobial. These outdoor spaces are designed to keep patients comfortable and give pet parents peace of mind.




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